background-investigation-in-cebuIt is never pleasant to discover the hard way that one of your employees has a criminal record. Instead of acquiring this knowledge by discovering embezzled funds or damaged property, why not hire a reliable background check company?

These experts in criminal record investigation can cover every detail of the candidate while doing a background check through sophisticated solutions. Furthermore, this background check company has the expertise to track down every felony, misdemeanour, arrest, and even pending trial of the candidate while conducting a criminal record investigation.

Bluebreed Security Agency, Inc. can ascertain if a candidate is authorized to work in the Philippines. Covering the Visayas and Mindanao area, the criminal record investigations conducted by Bluebreed Security Agency, Inc. – a background check company are thorough and comprehensive.

Background Check:

Includes social security verification, residences, alias, date of birth, real property ownership, liens, telephone numbers.

Broadened Search:

Includes all of the above plus, cell phone numbers, email address, vehicles, real properties and vessels currently owned, and business licenses as well.

Delayed Search:

Includes moving automobile violations, criminal background check to include a Province and Administrative Districts. These searches can be delayed up to 15 days, due to Philippines laws.


All information is kept confidential and your identity must be verified as well as your email account prior to us sending the information to you. All fees must be paid in advanced prior to information being sent. Exception to payment in advanced are Law Firms and Insurance Companies which are invoiced.