A highly trained security staff enables you to achieve two significant goals. First deter incidents before they happen. Secondly, have an immediate, professional response when it is absolutely necessary.

Contract security guard services in cebu provided by Bluebreed Security Agency, Inc. will ensure your safety and well-being. If you own a business, we will ensure the protection of your office building. If you own or manage a gated community, our security guards will provide peace of mind for your residents. Bluebreed Security officers are trained to provide the services and protection you may need from a professional security company.

Residential Communities Government Services
Manufacturing and Industrial Schools
Waterparks and Beaches Hotel and Condominiums
Shopping Centers Financial Institutions
Apartment Buildings Construction Sites
Office Buildings Temporary Security Services


security guard services


The development of our company can also be seen in the policies and procedures we have adopted, the paperwork from log sheets to incident reports, and the site operations and procedures written for each site that gives detailed explanation to the guard working on a site. Every conceivable records requirement to provide the maximum security information to our guards and clients is addressed in our paperwork process.

Our goal is to provide services that addresses the security needs of our customers and these goal have been demonstrated by our dedicated performance. This is so apparent to Bluebreed Security Agency, Inc., that this concept has been incorporated into the company’s Mission Statement:

“We support our team in improving their skills, acknowledging their accomplishments and encouraging them to approach their jobs with pride and commitment. We support teamwork, training and continued performance improvement. Our team will continue to meet and exceed the challenges EVERYDAY.”

In keeping with this, Bluebreed Security Agency, Inc. makes every effort to promote from within as opportunities for advancement become available. In order to accomplish this goal, continued training is always available to those seeking to invest the time and commitment to strive towards excellence.

It is our policy that all Security Officers are to be treated with respect. Officers have several resources available within the company and corporate levels, to resolve any issues promptly and fairly.


security guard services


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Security Guard Services in Cebu
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Security Guard Services

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